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Our Services

The Office of the Commercial Attaché in Ottawa, Canada, provides services related to doing business or trade with Indonesian companies.

Providing Trade Information

Interested in products from Indonesia, we will assist you in finding the right Indonesian exporters/producers.

Verifying Indonesian Companies

Before you begin your business transactions with any Indonesian company, it is wisely to verify/check the legitimacy of that company first. Therefore, please contact Trade Department at

Online Business Transactions Awareness

As technology advances, doing business transaction online becomes more common. Many Indonesian companies also now promote their products by using online media.

As happened everywhere and because using online media to promote the products is relatively less expensive than other media, therefore many people abuse the online media by placing fabricated /fake companies on the internet in order to do unlawful action.

In using the online media effectively, please make sure that the company you are planning to do business transactions with, is a legitimate one.

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