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Imports of August 2013 Weaken, Resulting Surplus on Trade Balance

NEWSletter – October 2013

Indonesia’s trade balance of August 2013 recorded a surplus of USD 132.4 million that comprises of non-oil trade surplus of USD 1.0 billion (deficit of USD 474.4 million, MoM), and oil and gas deficit of USD 891.8 million (deficit of USD 1.9 billion, MoM).

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Global Economic Conditions Continue to Suppress National Export Performance

NEWSletter – August 2013

Global economic conditions continie to suppress national performance. The export value of June 2013 hit USD 14.7 billion, down by 8.6%, MoM, comprising of oil and gas exports of USD 2.8 billion, down 5.8%, MoM and non-oil exports of USD 12.0 billion down 9.3%, MoM.

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Export of May 2013 Indicating a Positive Growth

NEWSletter – July 2013

Indonesia’s trade balance in May 2013 indicated a deficit of USD 590.4 million. The deficit was considerably smaller due to the narrowing deficit in oil and gas trade to USD 568.6 million and non-oil to USD 21.8 million.

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Non-oil Trade Balance in January-April 2013 Posts a Surplus of USD 2.7 Bn

NEWSletter – June 2013

Indonesia trade balance in April 2013 recorded a deficit of USD 1.6 billion comprising of the deficit in oil trade of USD 1.2 billion and non-oil trade of USD 407.4 million.

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Indonesia’s Trade Balance in March 2013 Recorded a Surplus of USD 304.9 Million

NEWSletter – May 2013

Indonesia trade balance recorded a surplus in March 2013 amounted to USD 304.9 million. The trade surplus is partly due to the widening non-oil trade surplus to USD 1.1 billion and narrowing oil trade deficit to USD 0.8 billion.

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Non-Oil Exports Recorded a Trade Surplus of USD 2 Billion in January to February 2013

NEWSletter – April 2013

Non Oil trade balance in February 2013 recorded a surplus of USD 777.9 million while oil and gas trade balance recorded a deficit of USD 1.1 billion, causing deficit in national trade balance of USD 327.4 million.

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Indonesia’s Trade Balance in May 2012 Recorded Deficit Despite Experiencing Declining

NEWSletter – July 2012

Indonesia’s trade balance of May 2012 has recorded deficit despite the revenue growth. Indonesia’s trade deficit of May 2012 reached USD 485.9 million, lower thanthe deficit in April of USD 764.7 million.

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Global Economic Crisis Increasingly Affects Indonesia’s Export Performance

NEWSletter – June 2012

Indonesia’s exports in April 2012 fell slightly. Exports in April 2012 reached USD 15.98 billion, down 3.3% compared to the same month fast year. The decrease was due to declining non-oil exports by 2.4%, in contrast, oil and gas exports increased by 9.8% (Chart 1). However, exports in January-April 2012 rose cumulatively by 4.1% (YoY) to USD 64.5 billion which consists of non-oil USD 51.2 billion (up 2.3%) and oil and gas USD 13.3 billion (up 12.0%).

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Indonesia Has Successfully Doubled Its Exports Within Five Years

NEWSletter – February 2012

Indonesias exports in 2011 reached USD 203.6 billion; significantly 102 percent higher than the exports in 2006.

This achievement has earned Indonesia a credit, given the fact that only several countries managed to double their exports from USD 100 billion to USD 200 billion within 5 years, except for Belgium (3 years), Russia, Switzerland, USA and Brazil (5 years). There was 29.1 percent rise of exports in 2011 over the same period in the previous year. The rise was driven by non-oil exports which increased by 24.8 percent to USD 162.0 billion, and exports of oil and gas sector which increased by 48.3 percent to USD 41.6 billion.

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