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Trade Expo Indonesia 2010

Trade Expo Indonesia 2010

Trade Expo Indonesia 2010

Trade Expo Indonesia is Indonesia’s largest annual B to B export product expo. It offers a highly selective range of world class quality products for exports, from natural-based commodities, high technology, strategic industry to creative industry covering not only products but also services which have met the international standard recognize worldwide, such as:

Main Products

Furniture, Footware, Coffee, Rubber & Rubber Products, CPO, Electricity & Electronics, Prawn, Cocoa, Automotive Components, Textile & Textile Products

Potential Products

Jewelry & Accessories, Herbal, Essential Oils, Leather & Leather Products, Handicrafts, Spices, Processed Food, Fish & Fish Products, Medical Instruments & App, Stationery Non-Paper.

Services Products

Information Technology, Job Worker, Construction Services

Multi Products

Agricultural Products, Household Goods, Heavy Machineries & Equipment, Building Materials, Paper Products, Sport Equipments, Wooden Products, Chemical Products, Food & Beverages, Glassware, Misc.

Trade Expo Indonesia 2010, organized by the National Agency for Export Development Indonesia, will be held on October 13 – 17, 2010 at Jakarta Fairground, Kemayoran, Indonesia.


Online registration is now open. For Canadian company, doing online registration will allow the Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa helps you in preparing your visit.

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