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They always say that if you try to please everyone, you will please no.1

For us, pleasing everyone is a pleasure 4 us.

Here U all can B pleased, for no matter who or what you are, we will try our best, to make U happy!

We cater all your needs whether you are big or skinny, dark or fair, young or matured, male & female, proud or modest.

Hawaiian style for the happy hippies, Fashion for the Sexy Girls, Plus Sizes clothing for those of abundance, Maternity wear for the mothers 2B,plus sizes, active Children clothing, Unisex clothing, Prom Dresses, Party Clothing, Club wear, Sarongs, Tie-dye t-shirts for leisure wear, Beachwear, batik cloth, accessories, to Batik Baby slings for those who like to go back to nature.

They say you are what you eat and we are here to cater your appetite 4 clothes.

We’ll highlight what you’d like to show, or hide what you’d like to conceal.

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