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We are PT. Mitra Saruta Indonesia, the largest Recycle (Regenerated) OE Yarn Spinning in Indonesia.

Herewith this letter, we would like to offer you our product list as follows:

  1. NE5/1 – 20/1 PC Blended yarn in Raw White, Bleached White and Many Colors (Black, dark blue, red, yellow, brown, pink, green, etc)
  2. NE6/1 – 20/1 100% Cotton recycle in Raw White
  3. NE20/1 100% Cotton recycle in many colors
  4. NE5/1 – 12/1 CVC OE recycle yarn in Bleached White and many colors

Our production capacities are (+/-) 1.800 tons/month (about 10.000 bale/month). The OE yarns are usually apply in Flat Knitting industry, weaving fabrics industry, knitted socks industry, sweater knitted industry, knitted gloves industry and many more for Blanket, Bed covers, Towels, Hammocks, Canvas & denim fabrics, knitted fabrics, Tex linen, Cloth materials, etc.

So far, we have exported our yarn to many countries in the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Latvia, UAE, Japan, etc. Please visit www.mitra-saruta.co.id for your review.

With a strong commitment to fulfill customer need, it is a pleasure to process every inquiry with good quality and competitive price. Hopefully, you will be interest to establish some cooperation in the nearest time.

I am looking further to hear from you. If there anything that you need to know about our products, please contact us directly by phone or e-mail.

Best regards,
Hepi Ika Hapsari
Export Marketing

PT.Mitra Saruta Indonesia
Phone: +62-31-… ; 8971321
Fax:+62-31-8977842; 8977222
Mobile: +62-8…
Skype: hepi.ika.hapsari
E-mail: marketing5@mitra-saruta.co.id; hepi_hadiono@yahoo.co.uk
Http: www.mitra-saruta.co.id

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